At Home Activity:: Week of Jan 7

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* The “Tapper” will lightly tap kids on the head, saying, “Hearer, hearer, hearer.” * When the Tapper chooses someone, she’ll tap that kid’s head and say, “Doer!” * Then she names an action that the Doer must perform. (Some ideas: five jumping jacks, clap six times, say the ABCs … Read More

Parenting:: Practicing the Little Things

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As parents, we all want our kids to develop good habits. We hope they will do difficult things, learn perseverance and speak the truth. We have a list of a thousand things we hope for them, but how to we help them build those habits? What does that process look … Read More

Parenting :: Marriage :: Healthy Intimacy After Baby

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HOW TO MAINTAIN INTIMACY AFTER HAVING KIDS The biblical model for romance, intimacy, and pursuit that we see in Song of Solomon is extraordinary. The entire book illustrates an ongoing “chase” that happens between lovers that is mutual and full of passion. This verse encapsulates the theme of entire book … Read More