At Home Activity:: Week of Jan 28

Cathy HeitzenraterAt Home


WHAT YOU NEED:   “Penny” drawn and cut out.
WHAT YOU DO:  Pass out one “penny” to each family member.
• Ask everyone to think of one thing they could do this week to practice living for God.
• Write that one thing on the back (the blank side) of their penny.
• After they’ve written their answer down, have everyone pass their penny to another family member – so nobody has their own.
• Then let each person share what’s written on the penny they are holding.
WHAT YOU SAY: “These were some great examples of ways we can all make a choice to practice living for God. Let’s find a spot to put these this week to remind us of the sacri-fice the widow in our Bible story made AND to encourage us to take action as we make the commitment to practice living for God