At Home Activity:: Week of Jan 7

Cathy HeitzenraterAt Home


WHAT YOU NEED: No supplies needed

  • Settle kids in a circle and prepare to play a game like “Duck, Duck, Goose.”

* The “Tapper” will lightly tap kids on the head, saying, “Hearer, hearer, hearer.”

* When the Tapper chooses someone, she’ll tap that kid’s head and say, “Doer!”

* Then she names an action that the Doer must perform. (Some ideas: five jumping jacks, clap six times, say the ABCs as fast as they can, etc.)

* Once the Doer has completed that action, he must run and catch the Tapper before the Tapper takes the Doer’s seat.

* However, the Tapper must perform the same action she assigned to theDoer before sitting down. This ensures that the Tapper won’t give the Doer something impossible or lengthy, and it gives the Doer some time to catch up to the Tapper and possibly regain his seat.

  • Whoever is left standing is the Tapper for the next round.
  • Play as many rounds as time allows.
WHAT YOU SAY: “That was fun! Which did you like better, being the Tapper or the Doer? What about being a Hearer? It’s important to hear God’s Word so we can know when and how to take the next step and do what God says. If the Doer acted like a Hearer and just listened to the Tapper’s instructions, no one would have really played the game. To do it right, you had to be ready to hear and do what the Tapper said. It’s a little like when you practice hearing and doing what God says. Say you hear that God wants you to be kind to those who are different than you. You can nod and hear your Small Group Leader say that over and over again, but until you’re standing in front of a kid who learns differently than you do, or who has a different color skin than you do, or who comes from a different kind of family than you do, you’re not really doing what God says yet. When you do meet that person who is different, and you are in fact kind to them, then you’ve completed both halves of our challenge today.”